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Apr. 24th, 2008

Reporting LPU chat abuse/stalking(on and off the chat)/arguments and etc.

Hey there LPUers!  Here is some information about how to get a hold of a chatop in the event that one of the following happens.  This also has procedure of what to do if we(chatops) aren't on.  Now we do come on randomly through out the day so checking messages isnt an issue.

*DISCLAIMER* WE DO NOT KNOW/CONTACT/ or ARE IN ANY RELATION to Linkin Park.  The Chat Ops are members of LPU like your self who help regulate chats and keep the peace.  Do not assume that because we are Chat Ops that we in any way know the band because we dont. Do not ask if we can suggest to LP if they can do things. We do what we do to help is all.  All conversations are logged. This blog is also subject to change and updates as well.

ChatOp AIM: LPUChatOp08 *note* as stated before ALL conversations are logged to insure that all information was received and can be given to the right people to be handled.  This also assure that we of the ChatOps have performed our duties and presented ourselves in a presentable and respectible fashion.  Please be sure to give us enough information so that we can help.  None of the ChatOps/Mods will ask for your account information(passwords).  If anyone claiming to be a ChatOp does so, please report them for fraud to the LPU moderators or an actual Chat Op.  Besure to give us the account name if your are able to retrieve it and a log/copy of the message( VIA txt file or Screenie).  This includes through AIM/message Board Private Messages/ Chat Private Messages/ and actual MessageBoard and Chat rooms.  We never ask for Passwords.  We also keep what you send us confidental.  We will not post who reported what.  All information will be looked over and investigated and given to the right persons to be handled.

ChatOp Email: lpuchatsupport@gmail.com We will be checking the email several times a day so sending any messages will not be difficult.  Send a copy of the log and the reported user.  Please give us as much detail as you can so that we may ensure maximum ability to help.

In the event that you try to contact VIA AIM and you get away message with no reply within 5-6 hours(we need sleep too!) if it is low emergency, feel free to PM or  either DarthYak, Darknessovrme or a LPU Moderator or email the LPUchat support.  

In the event the issue at hand is a high priority issue( a large scale argument that is resulting in alot of problem and or a creep is doing something illegal, make sure to log the action seeing as we wont see it going into the chat) and rapid poke the AIM(it makes noise so that it brings attention) and or PM the following above.  Please make sure you log it.  We need proof in order to take action.

We all know the rules people, follow them.  Certain topics will not be tolerated.  Take in account that there are minors who use the chat as well.  There is such a thing as inappropriate content.  There are funny things in life then there are the serious stuff and unfortunately there are people who have had to suffer in life.  Don't lose chat rights for something stupid.  We all are mature enough to hold conversations with each other.  Do not flame/poke fun of/tease/ bash anyone especially when the topic is a serious one.   No name calling and leave the racist jokes off the site.  Do not intentionally start anything with anyone and people who aren't directly involved DONT get involved.  Just report the issue and send us a log and we will handle it.

-LPU Chat Ops

LPU Chat rules as posted on the LPU by KATHYxx

Thank You LPUer KATHYxx for posting this on the LPU.

In the many years Ive been here, I've noticed there is a great misunderstanding of how band chats worked. I know a lot of people get very excited when a band member shows up, but this seems to make everyone's emotions too high and a lot of people get disappointed when the moderated chat doesn't work the way they think it does. Hopefully, to avoid more hurt feelings, i compile this FAQ.
I ask everyone to read this if they plan to attend any band chat in the future.


Chat rules:
The chat rules are similar to those previously outlined. Those are:

Be respectful of all participants.

Keep the language and topics of discussion appropriate.

Do not type in all capital letters. All caps = shouting = rude ( the band may do so if they are trying to get their responses seen).

Do not flood the channel by typing the same thing more than 3 times in a row

Do not spam the chat with word games, smilies or of any kind its a form of spam

Do not type or respond to messages in the form "If you like Linkin Park press 99"

Do not ask for chat operator position.

Chat is ENGLISH ONLY.  We understand that english is not everyone's first language, but the main chat is english only.  You may speak in other languages in Private Messages or designated sections of LPU forums.

Do not disrespect any LPU Staff member including mods, chat ops, admins and other people who help the site run.  If you don't know who these people are check the forum list first.    If a mod comes into the chat, treat them with the utmost respect.  If they tell you no all caps, you better stop with the all caps.  pure and simple.

If asked by a Chat op not to speak to another user directly or indirectly, don't do it.  Starting stuff with other users will get you kicked from the chat.

Do not act as though you are a chat op.  If someone is misbehaving, let the chat op be the ones to handle it.  While its nice that you are trying to help, it is often met with a backlash of responses from users.

Do not send hate messages to chat ops when you have been kicked out for doing wrong.  Its disrespectful and a waste of time.  Just do something constructive with those 15 minutes instead of sending hate mail.

Do not sign on or impersonate a band member. This will result in instant ban.

Do not discuss the private lives of an artist, nor ask tour related questions in a band chat.

Do not try to Private Message any of the band members because you wont be able to so its pointless.

Do not argue with the chat ops about having to follow rules and why its lame.  We have rules and standards for a reason and when you joined LPU you agreed to follow them.

Do not argue about being kicked for something stupid. 

What you should do to get in the chat:
1. Get there Early.
In the past the chatrooms have had room occupancies of about 250 people. After that the chat will not let anyone else in, and sometimes the mods will have to kick someone out to make room for the band member. Get a spot early: an hour is good maybe two or three if you like chatting to other people in anticipation. Occaisonally, it may have no maximum cap, the crashing problem seems to be fixed.

2. Account for the time zones.
LPU time is in California, Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00). Use
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ to make sure what time to go. Unfortunately, the chat can happen anytime: while you are at work or at a time you prefer to sleep. Expect to make a sacrifice if you really want to go.

3.Go in the chat now
make sure your computer and connection can handle the chat application. It's a horrible feeling to try to enter on the day of the chat only to find out you don't meet technical requirements.
LPU requirements are:
Broadband Connection
Windows XP service pack 2 PC with 1200+ MHz processor or OS x 10.4 or higher compatible mac with G5 processor or higher.
video accelerator, 512 MB RAM
350 MB hard disk space
IE 7.0+ or Firefox 2.0+ or Safari 2.0+
update your flash if you seem to be having problems.

4. Make sure your question fits in the character limit.
Go to the chat and find out how many letters you can type without having to break the question in half. It would be unfortunate if the moderator thinks you didn't finish your question or only half your question gets forwarded.

How The chat works:
Even though 250 people can get into the chat, the band simply doesn't have the time to type out 250 answers (that would take HOURS). So they have to pick a select few people to answer to. The filter system has three phases

1.- Alphabetical Question Pitch:
The moderators ask everyone with a username starting with a specific letter of the alphabet to pitch their questions. Only that letter is allowed to pitch their questions. The letter the chatroom starts with is the letter they last left off when the last band member had a chat. (in other words, if a band member's chat a few months ago ended at the letter K, then the next chat starts with the letter L) This is to prevent everyone with an X or Z in their name from being totally left out every time. The only people who can see your pitched question is yourself and the moderators. The band members and other fans can't see your question at this time (see below: How moderated chat works).

2.- Moderator Passes:
From the questions pitched, the moderators quickly search through the given questions and pick out the bad ones, or questions not allowed (see below: asking good a question). When they find a question they like, they give it the green light, and the question is now visible for everyone, including the band member.

3.- Linkin Park chooses some questions:
Now that the questions are visible, the band member looks at the questions and answers a couple he thinks are the best. (Note: they do not answer all the questions that have been voiced). After he finishes and posts his reply, the moderators signal the next letter of the alphabet to submit their questions. This circle keeps going until the band member says he's out of time.

Note that after three elimination rounds, the chance of one person's question of getting through is LOW to begin with. Do not get angry when you find out you didn't get a question through. The chats are supposed to be fun and laid back, so I suggest you sit back and enjoy the chat casually and not put very high expectations on it.  If a band member ignores your question or it doesnt get passed, don't FLAME them on the forums.

How to Ask A Good Question:
It's nice to be in the same chat room as a band member, but it's not so nice when your question gets banhammered because a moderator didn't like it.
1. This is Business
Don't ask about the band's personal lives. This includes things like their family members and their very private life. It's not allowed in the forums, so don't expect it to be allowed in the chatroom. Stick to questions about their musical (or relevant side projekt) life. A mod will kill this question so fast, your poor question won't even have time to contemplate its existence before it meets the guillotine.

2. Don't ask when they're coming to your town
Spare all of us this question. It's been asked thousands of times. Linkin Park has never once answered it. And if they knew or were going to tell you, they would have already said so. It's also banned from the chat. Don't waste your opportunity with an abomination of a question like this.

3. Be Journalistic (Don't be selfish)
The chat releases transcripts after its over for everyone to read, and it is in everyone intrest to get questions that matter to people. Which means not writing about yourself. This means questions like:
"Can You get me into a meet and greet?"
"Did you get my present?"
"Can you come to my house?"
"Do You remember me from <insert city name here>????"
"When are you coming to <city name here>??" ( again, Dont ask this question).

4. Don't ask when you can look it up yourself:
If the answer is already on LinkinPark.com, dont ask it. This refers to questions about where to find the right lyrics, how many CD's they have, how many band members there are, where the name Linkin Park came from, etc.

5. Relevance
I don't know how far a question about politics in the 6th century BC would take you. Maybe if you exaggerated far enough you could get somewhere.

6. Follow any other given rules
..and your question won't be killed.

7. Don't ask something someone already asked.
Try to pay attention as the chat goes, a question that's asked twice wont get an answer. Also, try not to ask a question that's already been answered in a previous chat. There are some transcripts stickied at the top of the forum for your reading.

8. have Your Question Ready.
You have only a short time to post your question. Don't wait until you letter is called to start typing. Have it in an alternate place and copy/paste it.

9. Have multiple questions (but ask just one)
If someone already asked the question you had in mind, it would be a good idea to have a backup or two. Don't ask more than one question though.

10. Ask in English.
Don't assume the band knows much about you own language besides "hello" and "thank you," and they might not even know those.

11.Keep length at two sentences or less

Moderated Chat:
How it works:

1. No One can see you
If you wish to carry on a conversation with someone you were talking to when the chat started, double click on their name and use the private message chat instead. In moderated chat, only you and the moderators can see what you type. The person you wanted to read your message cannot see it.
You cannot private message a band member, otherwise their screen would be clogged with requests.

2. Stop talking and follow directions
Mods have a hard time running the chat when their screen is clogged with people ignoring the request to stop talking or people who think that their message is getting through moderated chat when it isn't. stop wasting time. The longer the chat takes to start the less time the band member has to answer questions. This can possibly mean that you don't get a chance to ask a question.

3.How ignore works.
If you were to be kicked out of the chat because the mod got sick of you, you could  come back in 15 minutes, so kicking bad people doesn't work because they come back and do exactly what they got kicked for in the first place. The punishment of choice is to put offenders on ignore. On ignore, the moderators will not see what you type at all. Therefore, no one will ever see what you type, not even Linkin Park. Likewise, if someone is bothering you, you can put them on ignore.

4.About "dumb" questions
If you don't like your question, or you can't think of a question other than "how are you?" "What's your fav color" and so on. Then it MIGHT get passed, though the probability of this happening shrinks for every other person who posts a better question. So if everyone asks a stupid question. it might work

5. Did my question pass?
there are two ways to tell.
a) the band member answers your question
b) get a copy of the transcript, that SOMEONE ELSE wrote, if your question is not on it, the moderator did not pass your question.

UNABBREVIATED OFFICIAL RULES: because the first post is over character limit now

LPU, FM and FMM Chat Applet: Program, rules and features.

The program and its features:
the new program is a flash (not java) application which should allow
unrestricted access to all members registered to the defined website,
be it LPU, FM or FMM. Whilst before there were some issues with users
in certain areas of the world not being able to access the LPU IRC
based chat, this new application does not suffer such problems.

program is based loosely around MSN Messenger Express, running in full
screen mode permanently. There is a list of chat operators (listed in
green), artists/admin (bold usernames) and normal members (listed plain
You can private message individuals by clicking their
username, selecting “private message” and when a text box opens, typing
in there. You can also direct your messages in the public chat-room by
clicking the username and simply typing your message out.

It now
has an increased user limit of 250 people, whereas previous to this we
could only have around 90 before the application would slow down or
“bump” users off of the server, the new program is fully capable of
handling 250 people without hassle, or slow down, as demonstrated in
Mike Shinoda’s chat on the Fort Minor MB Chatroom.

There are
still features to further be integrated into the program, such as that
LPU’s chat application lacks backgrounds which are likely to be added
shortly after these sessions of chats are completed.

Chat rules:
The chat rules are similar to those previously outlined. Those are:
Be respectful of all participants.
Keep the language and topics of discussion appropriate.
Do not type in all capital letters.
Do not flood the channel by typing the same thing more than 3 times in a row
Do not type or respond to messages in the form "If you like Linkin Park press 99"
Do not ask for ops.
Do not sign on or impersonate a band member. This will result in instant ban.
Do not discuss the private lives of an artist, nor ask tour related questions in a band chat.

the event of any of the above happening, there is a chance you may be
kicked from chat by an operator. If you are kicked, this application
will have you automatically banned for 15 minutes. This is
non-negotiable, as it is set as standard for the application.
Therefore, if the rules aren’t adhered to, you may find yourself taking
time out. Please do not flood administrators or chat operators
regarding being removed from chat.

When a band chat is taking
place, the order of questions is determined by whichever operator is
‘running’ the session. They will introduce themselves, the other
operators and the artist. They will either redirect you to the rules,
or repeat them. They will let you know the order of chat, how things
will proceed and ask for your patience. It is important that you do not
start sending messages until asked to do so, as this may be reported as
flooding. The operators can see all messages that are written out, and
choose to pass the best through to the artists, so make sure you have a
well thought out question ready for chat!

Thank you for reading. International Modsquad.


1. Chat Length - The length of a chat is largely dependent on how much time the band member has to chat. Chats done on the day of a concert tend to be about a half hour to 45 minutes. Chats done any other time can vary in length. Chats seldom last longer than 2 hours

2. Idle time - The chat kicks idle members after 60 minutes of inactivity. You can prevent yourself from going idle by either PMing (Personal messaging) a friend or typing any sequence of characters BUT NOT PRESSING ENTER. By pressing Enter during a band chat, you are sending your message to the world, and thus may be talking out of turn and may be banned from chat.

3. Chat Topics -most band chats are free-for-all, almost any question allowed chats. Some chats, usually featuring a guest celebrity, are topic specific (eg, "The Seed" movie, or Fort Minor). Make sure that the question you have fits the topic of conversation if there is a specific topic laid out.

4. Size matters - The fewer people in chat, the more likely that the chat will get to every letter of the alphabet. The Joe Hahn and Will Yung Lee chat in March 2008 maxed out at about 140 people, and every letter of the alphabet was called. Most band chats tend to get populations of 450 - 550 people in a chat room.

5. "Connection Refused" Issue - It is very common to see many chatters log out and immediately log back into the chat room. A common error pops up and informs that Connection is Refused, there may be a problem with your network or the chat room is under maintenance. Ignore this sign and press retry until you return to the chat room.

PS: as a measure of how many people get to answer questions: I have been attending band chats for 5 years, and I have yet to have a question answered here. Please don't sweat if your questions doesn't get answered. Don't ruin your chat experience, sit back and relax. 

Once more thank you KATHYxx for posting this.


just had to do a entry saying hi!

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